Air Conditioning Ancillaries

To compliment our Daikin stock SBS now supply air conditioning and refrigeration ancillaries to offer a total solution. With the infrastructure 100+ years experience comes with, the customer has a distributor with history and experience fulfilling every market demand. A snapshot of the stocked range is highlighted below with literature available to download;

Air Conditioning Ancillary Brochure

All copper conforms to PED and meets British Standard (EN12735) for quality copper tube in both hard straight lengths or soft coils.
Coil: ¼” to 7⁄8” 15m & 30m
Straight: 3⁄8” to 1 3⁄8” 3m & 6m
From: 18 to 22 gauge

A full range of lagging is offered to suit all sizes of copper which can reduce energy losses up to 87% along with preventing condensation, mould and bacteria. Lengths, bags and boxes all offered with various thickness to suit all requirements.

SBS offer a wide range of pumps which continue to make the installer’s life easier whilst offering the most reliable condensate removal pumps available. There are many benefits
to using a condensate removal pump over gravity, with four different types:
• Piston
• Peristaltic
• Centrifugal
• Diaphragm

Support Systems
Mounting blocks for various loads and anti-vibration pads with normal or lightweight options. The flexi-foot support system is also available with strut which can be custom built to support any unit requirement.

Pipe Clamps, Fixings & Steel
SBS has a range of BBJ and cushion clamps along with unlined and rubber lined clips to support our full range of steel components.

In stock is both 70mm and 105mm trunking with all fittings and components manufactured to high quality to give a professional finish.

Accessories & Electrical
Brackets, condensing guards, unit trays for all size and weight units are available with supporting rotary isolators, switch fuses, both metal and plastic, for outdoor or indoor use.

The usual stock of sundries is kept such as; cable ties, mapp gas, silicone sealants..etc..