Air Conditioning

Daikin is regarded by many as a leader in the air conditioning field. The manufacturer’s air conditioning products are known for their reliability, efficiency and excellent design. They Daikin Roof Unitcan provide users with integrated climate control solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. With dedicated Daikin experts for our air conditioning sales, SBS can offer excellent service with high levels of product knowledge.


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Product Range
FTXS (wall), FVXS (floor), FTXG (emura), FLXS (floor or ceiling), FVXG (nexura)
Sky Air
FAQ (wall), FHQ (1 way), FCQG (roundflow), FBQ (ducted), FVQ (floor), FFQ (compact), FUQ (4 way), FDXS (slim ducted)
2 port, 3 port, 4 port, 5 port, Twin/Triples/Quad, RZQSG71-140, RZQ200, RZQG71-140, RZQ250
VRV Indoor
FXZQ (roundflow cassette), FXCQ (2 way blow cassette), FXHQ (ceiling suspended), FXDQ (small & slim ducted), FXMQ-P (high static ducted), FXMQ-MF (fresh air processing ducted), FXLQ (floor mounted cased), UK.FXDQ (low Level wall mounted), FXZQ (600 Sq 4 way blow cassette), FXKQ (1 way blow corner cassette), FXUQ (under ceiling cassette), FXSQ (ducted with inverter fan), FXMQ-MA (large 20/25kW ducting), FXAQ (wall mounted), FXNQ (floor mounted chassis)
VRV Outdoor
RXYSQ (mini), REYQ (3 pipe), RWEYQ (water cooler), RQYQ (R22 2 pipe), RYYQ (2 pipe), REYAQ (hotwater), RQCEQ (R22 3 pipe)
VAM/VKM units
Total heat exchanger (ventilation)


The end of R22
After 2014, all sources of R22 will be banned, so any equipment requiring R22 gas will become redundant. This is because new refrigerants, such as R-410A, can transform performance, making the latest R22 replacement systems 40% more efficient in cooling than older R22 systems. Using a drop in refrigerant may seem like a simple answer, but this is only a short term solution which comes with increased risks of system failure, higher running costs and without the backing of a manufacturer’s warranty. Instead Daikin UK offers a complete range of R22 replacement options that are easily installed and much more energy efficient.
Daikin R22 replacement solutions utilise R-410A, which has zero ozone depletion potential. The R22 replacement upgrade automatically cleans the piping of an existing R22 system so it is suitable for reuse and charges it with R-410A refrigerant. As a result, no new copper piping is required. This innovative solution minimises waste and increases energy efficiency, thus reducing CO2 emissions.