Air & Dirt Separators

The range of separators available from SBS are designed to automatically remove dirt and air from heating, cooling and process systems, ensuring optimum performance of your Separatorequipment at all times. These should be installed in all buildings and can be retro-fitted into existing systems, to provide economic and environmental benefits. Separators should be installed in any sizeable open or closed loop system, including chilled water systems, condenser water systems, and process water systems.

• All units feature a stainless steel internal element which is guaranteed for life.
• All units are designed and manufactured in accordance with
pressure equipment directive 97/23/EC, 1997.
• Larger units up to DN600 are available upon request.

Size: DN50 to DN300
Connection: PN16 (others available upon request)
Temperature: Up to 110°C
Pressure: Up to 10bar
Finish: Carbon steel with stainless steel internal element