Automatic/Dynamic Balancing Valves

FlowCon has more than 50 years of HVAC market experience and are devoted to dynamic flow regulation and pressure independent temperature control. FlowCon’s evolution into a provider of advanced commissioning technology began with the development of their first generation of automatic balancing valves in 1993. The company is recognised by BSI with the ISO 9001 certification.


  • Accuracy unaffected by dirt or debris
  • Eliminates overflows in variable flow systems
  • Interchangeable orifice allows easy adjustment
  • Quick & easy to install with reduced commissioning time
  • Simple selection and identification of flow rate
  • Requires fewer valves than traditional DRV’s
  • Can be fitted adjacent to bend or fitting in pipe
  • Maintains constant flow independent of pressure with silent operation in all conditions
  • No need to recommission after alterations & systems can even be partially commissioned


Pressure: Up to 24bar



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