Expansion & Flexible Solutions

For over 20 years the market leading Engineering Appliances was a distributor for BOA bellows and expansion joints. When Engineering Appliances closed in 2011, BOA set up a BOAUK office to keep supplying the marketplace. The comprehensive range contains expansion joints (including WRAS approved), rubber bellows, hoses, anchors and pipe guides which absorb vibrations and noise, compensate thermal expansion and pressure differences as well as other kinds of movements.


Size: Expansion joints: DN 25 to DN 7000
Bellows: DN 3 to DN 125
Hoses & hose assemblies: DN 5 to DN 300
Connection: Screwed & socketed, plain end, grooved
Temperature: -273°C to 950°C
Pressure: Absolute vacuum to 300 bar

• Vibration resistance
• Lifetime in excess of 109 cycles
• Cleanliness (clean rooms classed ISO 5, 6, 7)
• Corrosion resistance, whatever the fluid or environmental conditions
• Guides & anchors available for all systems