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While out on his daily travels serving his customers based all over Yorkshire, Peter Bradshaw noticed something out of the ordinary and acted on instinct. On Tuesday 10th May just before 11am, Peter noticed a man on St George’s Bridge in Doncaster which he felt wasn’t quite the ‘norm’ on such an overcast and rainy day. It turned out the unnamed man was in a great deal of distress and Mr.Bradshaw helped reassure the gentleman before the police force were called and arrived 20 minutes later.

Peter’s prompt selfless actions not only intervened a stressful situation but allowed the gentleman some degree of comfort. Both Mr.Bradshaw and Smith Brothers extend our wishes to the man and hope he is now receiving the appropriate support.

For more information, see Doncaster FreePress link below;

Good samaritan who helped talk man down from Doncaster’s St George’s Bridge praises ‘outstanding’ police


Well Done Mr.Bradshaw!!