SBS offer a range of tools from various manufactures to support our customer on virtually any project/job. The wide range covers anything from cutting/threading to press fitting guns and jaws. A brief overview of the range can be seen below:

  • Cutting: Pipeslice, tube cutters ..etc..
  • Hand Tools: Pliers, wrenches ..etc..
  • Expanding & Extracting Tools: For different size tube
  • Bending Tools: Different type benders – Hydraulic, electrical, stand, hand ..etc..
  • Press Fitting Tools: Guns and jaws for different sizes & range
  • Pipe Threading: Different size machines with accessories available
  • Pipe Sawing: For all types of application
  • Drilling: Different drill bits available
  • Hole Cutting: Sets and individual obtainable
  • Gas & Water Testing: Manometers, gauges and all other accessories
  • Pressure & Electronic Testing Equipment: Test kits and accessories
  • Pipe Freezing: Both spray and kit with accompanying accessories
  • Pipe & Drain Cleaning and Inspection Kit: Both electrical and manual with accessories
  • Soldering & Welding Tools: Sets and individual items



If the item you require isn’t within your budget then we also have a tool hire partner (HireStation) who offer a range of hire options from 1day. For more information click the link below to our Tool Hire page:

Tool Hire



For more information, click on the manufactures logo. You may need to disable ‘pop up’ blocker.

ROTHENBERGERRems       Ridgid

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