SBS eliminates gas cylinder rental charges throughout 2022

SBS eliminates gas cylinder rental charges throughout 2022

In a world of rising costs, Smith Brothers are supporting customers by suspending gas cylinder rental charges throughout the whole of 2022.


Eliminating gas cylinder rental charges will not only save our customers money, but it will also significantly reduce the amount of time and resources required to process what can often be a large volume of low value invoices – a major headache for our customers.

Lost cylinder charges

A lost cylinder charge will still apply to all cylinders that haven’t been returned after a 12-month period. However, we will give customers plenty of notice to return any overdue cylinders as outlined below.

  1. Customers will be notified after 11 months to remind them of any cylinders needing to be returned within the next 30 days in order to avoid a charge
  2. If not returned, an invoice will be raised after 12 months, allowing the customer a further 30 days to return the cylinder. (The invoice will be credited if returned within this period).
  3. The charge will be applied if still not returned after 13 months.

For more information on our cylinder tracking system, contact your local SBS branch representative.

A one stop shop for A/C units and accompanying ancillaries

Smith Brothers are a proud stockist of Daikin who are regarded by many as a leader in the air conditioning field. Daikin’s extensive product portfolio is renowned for its efficiency and reliability, having been designed to suit all HVAC applications.

Our very own Daikin technical managers use their extensive product knowledge and expertise to assist customers through every step of the journey, from quoting to delivery. Contact for more information.

To compliment the Daikin product range, Smith Brothers stock a wide range of air conditioning and refrigeration ancillaries to support our customers and offer a complete package. The core range consists of copper, steel, mounting support, pumps, and clips. Stock of trunking and electrical cable are also available to fulfil project needs.

For advice on our ancillary range, contact our internal AC sales team at

AC and Ancillary Engineers Guide

Don’t forget to download our AC and Ancillary Engineers Guide which contains essential technical information on the Daikin R32 Split and SkyAir range, including:

  • Unit dimensions
  • Pipe size requirements
  • Core/Cable sizes
  • Efficiency ratings
  • Cooling Outputs
  • Indoor/Outdoor part numbers
  • Fault Code details

You will also find the complete Smith Brothers range of associated ancillaries and fittings, sourced from the industry’s leading suppliers such as; Armacell, Aspen, Javac, Lawton, Advanced, Harp, Rothenberger, Diversitech and Strutfoot to name only a few.

SBS Air Con Ancillary Engineers Guide v1

Other useful information includes the branch locations and contact details along with the corresponding SBS product codes. The literature really has been designed with the customer in mind and is a must have companion for all air conditioning engineers.

Click here to download the AC & Ancillary Engineers Guide.