Our Promise

Service & Value since...1897

When talking to the building services industry, we make no secret of our promises to our customers. By being transparent, it not only guarantees stakeholder backing but also notifies our support network, from suppliers to delivery drivers the level of performance we expect.

One of the key areas to our success has been the investment in people throughout the business. Committed, helpful and product-knowledgeable staff with excellent reputations within the industry have been vital to maintaining our success. Building upon those foundations, the business works closely with suppliers so information, training and relationships are maintained at a high level for the benefit of the customer. With over 125 years of experience comes expertise and credibility.

While others may look to reduce stock levels to improve cash flow or minimise investment, Smith Brothers remains committed to holding high levels of key product stock. This ensures we can support our trade counters whilst drawing from such reserve to help different stages within a project or even a site ‘take off’. Our service and stock have often fulfilled project work or back orders after customers have been let down elsewhere. On average, each branch holds a minimum of one million product stock holding, with the business having over 20,000+ stocked product lines across the UK.

Stock - SBS Promise

Since the company was founded, our vision has been to offer value through service. Ensuring our customers stay within their commitments will hopefully lead to a long and successful trading history like ours. We have personnel dedicated to ensuring all our branches have the facilities to meet the demands of the external climate. Whether it be branch cranes, mezz floors, racking or extra investment in vehicles to increase delivery options and reduce lead times, the business will do whatever is required. Smith Brothers keeps the customer informed from start to finish, aiming to supply, support and surpass your expectations.

Service - SBS Promise