Our History

Smith Brothers (Leicester) Limited (SBL) was originally founded in 1897 and has a collection of companies operating within the structure, with SBS Ltd being one of them. Throughout its history it has maintained family ownership status under the total control of family members and an independent Chief Executive. The Company was founded by Walter Smith and his picture can be seen below along with other pictures from the earlier days of operation. SBS Ltd currently has 3rd, 4th and 5th generation family members working within the business & had been trading for 10years prior to incorporation in 1907 and the certificates shown (below) are proud and cherished items within the Company’s history. The strength of the business is down to the core structure and cash flow management which has been maintained from the outset ensuring a long & cherish history. The strict management of the financial principles the company follows means that even when the economy is far from stable, SBS is still secure and well placed to capitalise in such markets, nothing could highlight the issue more than our turnover or branch numbers over recent years. Major strides have been made over our 100 year history and the Group now employs over 300 personnel.