Our Environmental Policy

SBS Going Green

Smith Brothers are introducing more and more green initiatives to help reduce wastage and greenhouse gases within the business. Since the declaration of zero carbon emissions by 2050 set by the Prime Minister, the company thought it was more important than ever to start implementing schemes across the branch network to help reach this goal.

The new head office in Blaby.

The business has transitioned from petrol/diesel to hybrid and fully electric cars to decrease the business’s carbon emissions significantly. At the time of publication, the company has taken delivery of fifty Model 3 Teslas, with more to follow.

To accommodate our transition to hybrid and electric vehicles, charging points have been installed at all Smith Brothers locations. Some possess multi-point installations, such as our Rainham branch (London East), which has six. At the time of installation, this was the largest single charging installation in the area.

Back of SBS Vehicle

Smith Brothers maintain our FORS accreditation status, having received Gold status since 2023.

Being a FORS member brings the peace of mind that SBS effectively manages our work-related road risk while demonstrating to our customers and supply chain that our commitment exceeds the industry standards.

One of the significant commitments includes the environmental impact of the vehicles. The scheme works closely with local authorities to recommend ways to reduce the environmental impact of our vehicles.

The main areas FORS focus on include:

  • Data Tracking
  • Fleet Care
  • Driving Smart
  • Training
  • Tyre Management
  • Fuel Management
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Noise Awareness
Bike 2 Work Scheme

Smith Brothers employees can purchase a bike through a bike-to-work scheme, helping to reduce carbon emissions whilst improving fitness levels and mental well-being due to increased physical activity.


We use technology for environmental benefit, reducing waste by offering electronic copies. Such advancements decrease our demand for paper which helps to reduce deforestation. While this isn’t always possible, we have installed paper recycling bins at every location. The online customer portal and the implementation of EDI also promote the use of paperless technology.