Online customer portal

Customer Portal

The portal is an online platform which allows customers to manage their SBS Trade accounts online.

As well as being able to order online for delivery and collection, customers can also view, print and download their account information when it is most convenient, information that was previously obtained via email and post. Whilst our branch’s trading hours are limited, the portal can be accessed 24/7.  


2023 East Midlands Constructing Excellence awards

The Smith Brothers customer portal was recognised by Constructing Excellence Midlands at their award ceremony, sponsored by Melius Homes, winning the Innovation Award sponsored by Unilin Insulation.

Innovation is widely recognised as a critical factor for increased and sustained productivity and growth. It demonstrates Smith Brothers’ confidence, capacity and appetite for improved performance and productivity gains.

The submission focused on the technical transparency of construction products housed on the website, the importance of which has been stressed further following the Grenfell disaster. HVAC products on the platform highlight codes and documents such as;

MPN, GTIN, EAN, TSI, Luckins, data sheets, IOM, WRAS, literature and much more…

How to send SBS an online order

Our branch network still processes online orders. Upon processing, staff at the relevant branch are notified within 90 seconds of receipt, with your stock allocated and reserved. Our expert team review online orders before processing, so customers still benefit from our knowledgeable staff checking over the order should anything need correcting – i.e. sizing, quantities, items, pricing and more.


Within each item displayed online, users can see stock at every depot location, which can help when processing orders, especially same-day collections. To make it easier for users, we highlight at checkout any items not currently available at your desired location. If you encounter any items currently unavailable at your chosen branch, transferring stock between depots only takes 2 to 3 working days.


These orders are sent to the customer’s home branch so the relevant account managers can review the request. Once assessed, the staff will process the order most efficiently to fulfil the client’s needs. This may mean using another depot or courier service to deliver the items. Customers can advise if they want a split or complete delivery should shortages occur.

Customers select the invoice(s) they want to pay, and upon processing, their credit account is adjusted within 3 minutes. Users can see the credit applied to their account if a general bulk payment is made, but the balance will only change once an SBS staff member allocates the amount, which will be made against the oldest invoice by default.

Users can see all their PODs (Proof of Delivery) and external documents, such as test certificates online. All are housed within the delivery note screen. To make it easier for customers, all invoices publish the relevant order and delivery note document numbers, making it easier for users to match up records.

You can view invoices, credit notes, and both account BACS and card payments on your account. Each invoice provides document numbers for the corresponding order and delivery note document.

View your account balance, the amount on backorder, and a period breakdown of monies owed. The account balance information is updated in real time, which may cause the screen to take slightly longer to load.

All outstanding invoices and unprocessed credit notes are listed on this screen, from the oldest to the newest date order. Reduce your credit balance online by making a payment, either selecting individual or multiple invoices for payment or one bulk payment. Selecting invoices adjusts your balance within 3 minutes of a successful payment. A bulk amount is also available, but this will not change your account balance until a Smith Brothers staff member allocates payment.

Every product displayed online shows both companywide and individual depot stock information. Currently, the website houses over 15,000+ SKUs, complete with product information. The majority of listings also contain external links and technical details such as:

  • BIM
  • Gtin or EAN number
  • Product Videos or Literature
  • Luckins
  • MPN

Each product can be easily shared with other colleagues via email and social media, with the ability to write product reviews or contact us should users have a specific question. To help make the ordering process quicker, users can save products to a wish list (which helps with reordering), easily compare up to 5 items and re-order products from previous orders.

Both ordered and active (un-ordered) quotes can be viewed online. Currently, you cannot convert active quotes to orders online (it is on the development roadmap). However, all quotes state the Smith Brothers staff member and branch details, making it easy to contact them to process the quote further.

Within this screen, users can view the status of each order, which is constantly updated so customers can see if items have been shipped/part-shipped, or are still waiting to be picked. Each order can be expanded to view each item line by line, and customers can easily re-order both individual items or the total order. If products are not uploaded online (i.e. specials), these are currently not available to order online and have to be placed at the branch directly (email or phone).

This area is also helpful if users want more information on any of the products ordered, as clicking on the images takes them straight through to the product listing page.

Every order has a corresponding delivery note, even trade counter collections. Customers can find the relevant POD (electronic and paper signed) within these documents. If one isn’t listed, the branch hasn’t yet loaded it on the account. Contact them directly if this occurs. This area allows external documents, such as test certificates, to be loaded against the delivery note containing the relevant items. Advise your Smith Brothers account manager if you want your account to house any extra external documents.

Orders can be placed anytime, day or night, with all orders processed by our branch network. Upon processing, Smith Brothers staff at the relevant branch are notified within 90 seconds of receipt, with your stock allocated and reserved. Our expert staff review online orders before processing, so customers still benefit from our knowledgeable workforce, checking over the order should anything need correcting – i.e. sizing, quantities, items, pricing and more. Both delivery and collection orders can be processed online, with the usual high service standards applied to every order.

Customer Testimonial:

“Smith Brothers Stores approached me to assist with the launch of their online customer portal. This involved exploring, testing and providing feedback on all of the portal’s features and suggesting ideas as to how certain aspects could be improved from a customer’s point of view. When I examined the portal, I discovered it was very informative, from products to accounts. I was easily able to search products and all supporting data, manage our account, obtain pending orders, retrieve missing invoices and make online payments. I found it very convenient as I was able to obtain the information straight away rather than sending an email requesting the information.”

Claire Cox, Accounts

Combined Gas Services Ltd